It’s nearly that time of year. One night soon, as the sun starts to set, the street will begin to fill with little ghosts and lovely creatures, superheroes and silly faces.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for both the young and the young-at-heart. It’s also one that requires the best efforts of all involved to make sure the focus stays on treats rather than tears. If your plans include handing out candy and admiring costumes, consider these tips for making sure your home is a safe stop on the trick-or-treating tour.

Light It Up

The key to being a successful Halloween stop is making sure the kiddos know you’re home. Make sure your front door is well lit and think about adding at least a few Halloween decorations to make it clear you want in on the fun.

If you have a dark driveway or sidewalk leading to your house, a little extra lighting can help prevent any falls. Make sure you don’t leave any added obstacles, like garden hoses, laying out either. While costumes are the highlight of the night, sometimes they can limit the mobility or vision of those wearing them, so anything you can do to clear the path is appreciated.

Secure Your Pets

Kids and pets can be an adorable combination, but with lots of unfamiliar traffic coming and going, this might be a night to keep your animals away from the front door. While scaring people may be part of the fun, a large dog running toward them might be too much for some of your visitors. Similarly, with lots of chocolate and a few pranksters out and about, keeping your four-legged friends inside and safely secured might be the wisest choice.

Alternative Treats

Recent years have brought an increased awareness of food allergies among children. The Teal Pumpkin Project offers a way to signal you have alternative treats for kids whose candy choices may be limited or even non-existent.

Stocking up on a variety of candy choices and some non-food treats, like stickers or bubbles, can mean you won’t miss out on seeing any of the costumed cuties. Place a teal pumpkin at your door to let them know you have options for even the most sensitive trick-or-treaters.

From everyone at Open Mortgage, we wish you a fantastic and safe Halloween.

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