Your state’s cost of living matters, whether you want to build a home, are a first time homebuyer, or plan to raise a family.

If a low cost of living is what you’re after, here are America’s five most affordable states in 2017.

  1. Tennessee


    The Volunteer State is most known for its country music, Elvis, and the Great Smoky Mountains. But Tennessee is also an affordable place to live. Transportation and healthcare are especially affordable, with Tennessee residents spending 10% less in both categories compared to the rest of the USA. 

    The current median home price listing in Tennessee is $175,000, and the average rent is $1,175.

  1. Oklahoma


    The Sooner State is known for its energy-powered economy, tornados, and one of the country’s most storied college football teams. Oklahoma is also affordable, particularly when it comes to housing.

    The current median home price listing in Oklahoma is $169,000, and the average rent is $995.

  1. Michigan


    The Wolverine State has more than 11,000 lakes, was the birthplace of the auto industry, and is home to powerhouse college and professional sports teams. Michigan also has low grocery prices and housing costs.

    The current median home price listing in Michigan is $142,000, and the average rent is $1,000.

  1. Arkansas


    The Natural State has large wilderness areas, beautiful parks and hot springs. It’s also very affordable, with some of America’s lowest transportation and health costs.

    The current median home price listing in Arkansas is $149,000, and the average rent is $992.

  1. Mississippi


    The Magnolia State was the birthplace of blues music, has America’s biggest (and most iconic) river, and is known for its rich soil. Mississippi wins the title of America’s most affordable state, with a cost of living around 11% less than the rest of the US.

    The current median home price listing in Mississippi is $159,00, and the average rent is $1,095.

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