Thinking about moving? Realtor.com recently ranked America’s hottest housing market ZIP codes for 2016. Their rankings are based on the most viewed ZIP codes on its website, and the time it takes properties to sell.

For the top 20 housing market ZIP codes on Realtor.com, homes sell in an average of 25 daysor 53 days faster than the rest of the USA. Most locations have strong job markets combined with large populations of millennials (Americans born between 1982 – 2004) who make higher-than-average salaries.

Here are top five housing markets based on ZIP codes for Realtor.com:

  1. Watuga, Texas (76148)

    This inner suburb of Fort Worth has a great restaurant and brewery scene, a range of cultural offerings, and is less than 20 miles from the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Christian University football stadiums (two powerhouses).

    Homes in Watuga sell in an average of 17 days, almost 30% faster than 2015. Millennials account for 33% of all mortgages and the average home listing price is $137,000 (up 16% from 2015).
  2. Pleasant Hill, California (94523)

    This affluent suburb less than 30 miles from San Francisco and 20 miles from Oakland has a beautiful downtown, large parks and excellent schools. It’s also close a BART public transport station.

    Homes in Pleasant Hill sell in an average of 19 days, 30% faster than 2015. Millennials account for 26% of all mortgages and the average home listing price is $630,000 (up 4% from 2015).
  3. Northglenn, Colorado (80233)

    Located 15 miles north of downtown Denver, Northglenn is ideal for families who enjoy active lifestyles. It’s home to one of Colorado’s best school districts, has huge parks and trails, and a booming job market.

    Homes in Northglenn sell in an average of 11 days. Millennials account for 36% of mortgages and the average house price is $278,000 (up 16% from 2015).

  4. Colorado Springs, Colorado (80916)

    This southeast Colorado Springs district is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts, with canyons, mountains and springs. It also includes the Colorado Springs airport, military bases and a strong job market.

    Homes in the 80916 zip code sell in an average of 17 days, more than 50% faster than 2015. Millennials make up 39% of homeowners in the 80916 zip code and the average house price is $178,000 (up 12% from 2015).
  5. San Antonio, Texas (78247)

    One of America’s most affordable big cities, San Antonio’s relaxed environment, sunny weather and booming economy is attracting many new residents.

    Homes in the 78247 zip code sell in an average of 28 days. Millennials make up 35% of mortgages, and the average house price is $184,000 (up 5.8% from 2015).Texas and Colorado are driving America’s hottest housing markets
    Whether it’s big skies in Texas, or big mountains in Colorado, Americans (and especially millennials) increasingly are moving to both places. Affordability combined with booming job markets are the key traits fueling their rise.

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